Examining Historical Evidences

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  1. Some reasons why people may believe in Jesus is the Messiah:

    What's your reason ?

    If your reason that you believe that Jesus is the Messiah is something other than because you know that it is true, your faith would hold NOT up when you meet and talk with some liberal-minded theology scholar who can easily persuade you that the Bible is "just a fairy tale" and that "it is full of errors".

    I can tell you right now that the Christian faith is based on Historical FACTS. (You may even be surprised to heard that the Christian faith is solidly based in Historical FACTS, but in the next few webpages, I will expose it systematically).

    When you pick up the Bible, you are not picking up a "story book".... and I am always surprised that people call the events in the Bible "stories". Peter Pan is a story. The Lord of the Rings is a story. But the Bible contains HISTORICAL FACTS, not "stories".

    In this first part of the website, I have lay out carefully the evidences that show that the Bible is a Historical Document, NOT a novel - The Bible is just as historical as the works by renouned ancient historians like Plutarch, Suetonius and Tacitus.

  2. The basis of the Christian faith:

    The basis of the Christian faith is:

    There are ironclad historical evidence that support this fact. But we must be clear that evidence, no matter how strong, do not constitute a proof. The only thing that would constitute a proof is when you are eyewitness to the actual event; any second or third hand information is evidence that cannot be used as proof.

    I do not (and cannot) provide proof for Jesus' resurrection. That is consistent with Jesus' teaching that you need faith. But faith need not be blind (blind faith is dangerous and can lead to disaster). The goal of these webpages is to provide you with reasonable faith, not proof.

  3. Can we ever prove that this was true ?

  4. If you can't prove it, how can you believe it ?

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