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The Structure of a Cell

  1. Intermediate Filaments:


    FUNCTION: providing a supporting framework within the cell

  2. Microtubules:


    FUNCTION: are used to move things from one place in the cell to another

  3. Lysosomes:


    FUNCTION: Lysosomes repair wounds in the plasma membrane.

  4. Nucleus:

  5. Ribosomes: roughly sherical - are the protein-synthesizing machines of the cell

    FUNCTION: they translate the information encoded in messenger RNA (mRNA) into a polypeptide

  6. Mitochondria: are membrane-enclosed organelles


    FUNCTION: Their main function is the conversion of the potential energy of food molecules into ATP (energy molucle of living organism)

    The way a living cell extracts enertgy from ATP molecule is through the "Citric Acic Cycle":


    An extremely interesting fact about mitochondria:

How a gene expresses itself:

Mitosis: how life muliplies


Meiosis: how new life begins


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