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Reasonable Faith: Rational Evidences for Christ Jesus

    Part 1: Historical Evidence

    The following Powerpoint presentations were developed from the material in this section for two different occasion. They give an execllent overview of the historical evidence for Christ Jesus:

  1. Examining historical evidences: click here

  2. Who wrote Gospels and When was it written ? click here

    • Discusses the historical evidence that the gospels (biographies of Jesus) have all be written within 30-50 years after Jesus' death
    • Due to their early dates, the accounts are highly reliable ( because memory fades)
    • Reasonable faith is bolstered by this evidence which shows that the Bible is historically accurate.

  3. How did the New Testament come down to us: the New Testament canon click here

    • Discusses the ways and means that the New Testament have been transmitted through the age
    • There are no printing instruments in the ancient days and the text in the Bible was copied manually (by scribes)
    • Evidence are presented that demonstrate that the copy process have been extremely accurate and the text of the New Testament that we have now is 99.5% accurate (99.5% identical to the original Biblical text !)
    • Reasonable faith is bolstered by this evidence which shows that the Bible that we have nowadays is historically reliable.

    Powerpoint slides on the historical evidence supporting the accuracy of the New Testament: click here (Please read the warning below before viewing !!!)

    WARNING: these slides contain some pictures on the Holocaust (systematic killing of Jews in Nasi Germany) and the Nanjing Massacre (in China by the Japanese). May not be suitable for younger people.

  4. "Contradictions" in the New Testament: click here

    • Skeptics often attack the Bible being inaccurate and untrustworthy because it contains a multitude of "contradiction"
    • This webpage explains why some passages in the Bible appear to be contradicting each other, but in fact they are not.
    • This is a must read for anyone who faces these challenges from unbelievers or wants to help other believers understand the Bible better.

    Powerpoint slides on clarifying some "contradictions" in the Bible: click here

  5. Corroboration of New Testament manuscripts: click here

    • An account is more convincing if it is corroborated by independent unbiased witnesses.
    • This page present numerous non-Biblical historical source (Roman historians, Roman officials, Jewish historian, etc) that support some important accounts of the New Testament

    Powerpoint slides on the historical corroboration of the accounts in the Bible: click here

  6. Archeology evidence: click here

    • "Stones do not lie". This webpage present archeological evidence that support the accounts reported in the Bible.
    • The Bible is set as a Historical Narrative, describing people, places and events
    • Archeological finds have confirm the existence of many of the people, places and events described in the Bible - no archeological finds have ever contradicted the accounts in the Bible.

  7. The incredibly accurate Luke: click here

    • The Gospel author Luke is a scientist (a physician) and wrote two huge documents: Gospel of Luke and the Acts of the Apostles
    • Luke did it after analyzing every detail that he heard and his account is so historically and scientifically accurate, that many former skeptics were confronted with the true reality and became believers
    • This webpage details the many historically facts that Luke reported and have been verified to be historically accurate.

  8. Did Jesus ever claim to be God ??? click here

  9. Evidence about Jesus' Resurrection: click here

    • The Christian faith is founded/based on one single event: Jesus' resurrection
    • This is a crucial event and Jesus himself said that the resurrection was the only sign given to the skeptical Jewish leaders in His time.
    • But this event is also very hard to accept since none of us has ever seen someone die and come back to life again.
    • But fortunately, God has left behind ironclad evidence for us to examine and we can base our belief on these rock solid evidence.

  10. The traits of the promised Messiah: click here

  11. A close look at Isaiah 53: click here

  12. Why Jesus had to die and evidence of atonement: click here

  13. What happened to the 12 disciples of Jesus ? click here

  14. Lost Tomb of Jesus ???...Yeah, right... click here

    • A Discovery Channel "documentary" (more like a movie) claimed that the Talbol Tomb in Jerusalem is the family tomb of Jesus (Yoshua) of Nazareth

    • They had to jump through a number of hoops to draw this conclusion.

    • In this webpage, I will highlight some of the most fantastic hoops that the film makers had to jump through to make their Jesus (who is a poor carpenter and lived in Nazareth) to become a weathly middle class fellow buried in Jerusalem

  15. So close... and yet so far... click here

    • This is a Microsoft Powerpoint presetation discussing the dangers of Calvinism.
    • Clavinsim preaches predestination of the elect: man is dead in sin; as dead objects, man cannot do anything to achieve salvation. God has done everything. Because God is the author of every saving act, it is in Gods own chosing as to whom will be saved: predestination.
    • Although believing in Calvinism itself will not in anyway affect your salvation; what you DO after you believed in the doctrines of Calvinism may send you thorugh an entire different direction.
    • (I prepared for the College Fellowship in our church)

    Part 2: Scientific Evidence

  16. Introduction: click here

  17. Origin of life: click here

    • Living cell consists of millions of protein molecules.
    • Even the most simple cell would need several thousands protein molecules to implement its functions.
    • Making protein molecules require the right type of amino-acid molecules, chained in the right sequence. This is a painfully difficult process (chemically speaking).
    • This webpage discuss how unlikely life can come to existence by a purely natural process

  18. Information of life: click here

    • This webpage discusses the structure of the living cell and the information that is encoded in DNA molecules
    • It shows that the communication process inside a living cell is identical to the communication process between two computers
    • We all know that computers did not just "happen" to start communication by themselves - human intelligence made it happen
    • Then how likely did the communication process in a living cell just "happen" by itself ?
    • The evidence that the information in cells are put there by a super-natural being is so overwhelming that the former atheist Antony Flew has converted to a deist. Here is the ABC article: click here

  19. The Religion of Evolution: click here

    • The "Theory" of Evolution has been presented as an "accepted fact" in elementary middle and high schools
    • However, more and more scientists with PhD degrees are rejecting this "accepted fact": here's a list of names
    • Have you ever wonder why some biology text books use a drawing from the 19th century that show all vertibrate's embryo's look alike at an early stage ? Well, because in reality, they don't ! See picture ->
    • This webpage discusses many idols of the "theory" of Evolution
    • It goes through a number of well-known examples of evolution and shows that each one is either a fake, a lie or a misinterpreted phenomenon.

    Powerpoint slides on problems in the "Theory" of Evolution: click here

  20. Things to Ponder about Evolution and Creation: click here

    • This webpage discusses a number of problems that the "theory" of Evolution is facing; among these: irreducible complexity, converging (directed) random process.
    • It also discusses a molecular engine that is so well designed, that we humans cannot build with our million dollar laboratory - and this molecular engine is - according to the "theory" of Evolution - supposed to "have happened somehow" by a random process (of which we don't have a clue how that can be possible).

    Powerpoint slides on Intelligent Design vs Evolution: click here

  21. The incredibly precise design of our universe: click here

    • This webpage discusses the precise tuning of the physical constants that make it possible to have light as well as heavy elements in the universe - without either, life would not be possible
    • The second half of this webpage discuss the many characteristics of our galaxy, solar system, planet and moon that make it possible for live to florish on earth.
    • The likelihood that all these things happened by chance (i.e., a random natural process) is incredably low - some what like buying one ticket a week and winning the state lottery for a few years straight.... It's so incredably unlikely, that science has coined a new term to describe this unexplicable phenomenon: anthropic principle. It is as if nature is "destined" to produce life...

    Powerpoint slides on a number of incredibly coincidental facts in nature that makes the universe and life possible: click here

  22. Evidence for Creation: click here

    • Discusses the "Polonium Halos" found in granite - these halos can only exist when the granite are formed almost instantaneously (as in an instantaneous creation)


  23. Daniel's 70th week: click here

    I am working on a more graphic webpage: click here

  24. End Time Timeline: click here

  25. Presentations:

  26. Time Line of Christinity: click here

  27. News on the Bible: click here

  28. News on the book "The Case for Christ": click here